Walnut hardwood flooring will add value and distinction to your home in Central Westchester. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester have all the important information you need to know about walnut hardwood flooring here.

What is Walnut?walnut hardwood flooring in Central Westchester

Walnut hardwood comes from the same tree that produces the widely consumed nut. Walnut hardwood comes in two main varieties: American and Brazilian. Brazilian walnut has triple the density of American walnut, but this high density makes it more expensive. Despite this, Brazilian’s premium price is worth the investment.

However, there are many advantages to buying American walnut. American walnut hardwood has a substantially lower price point and is more widely available, which makes it great for whole home installation. While its lower density makes it softer underfoot, it’s also more prone to scratches and dents. Because of this, American walnut works better in areas of the home with low levels of foot traffic. Brazilian walnut is a better hardwood option for high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen, dining room, and entryway.


walnut hardwood flooring Central Westchester

Benefits & Design

Walnut’s elegance works perfectly in both traditional and modern homes. With a rich brown color and snaking grain pattern, it sets itself apart from other medium colored hardwoods. Due to its lower density, walnut can be stained a darker color to match the décor of your home. Many homeowners in Central Westchester prefer having their walnut flooring darkly stained since it obscures scratches and dents better.

Walnut comes in plank, strip, and parquet varieties that allow you customize your floor to suit your personal style. If you’re concerned about the low density of regular walnut, prefinished walnut will give you better durability and longevity.

It’s quite easy to clean and maintain with a dry mop or microfiber sweeper. When consistently maintained, walnut flooring will increase the value of your Central Westchester home.


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