If you are looking to install a long lasting and durable hardwood, look no further than hickory hardwood. Hickory will give your modern or traditional Westchester County home a rustic edge. Our helpful team at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester has some important information to consider if you’re thinking about installing hickory flooring.

What’s Hickory?

Hickory is one of the hardest hardwood flooring options available for the home. Its strength and durability is due to its tight ring structure seen in the two main varieties of hickory, true hickory and fruit-bearing pecan hickories. The bulk of hickory is cut and sourced in North America, so making it a more economical and eco-friendly option, as it does not need to be imported.

hickory hardwood Central Westchester

What are Hickory’s benefits?

The aforementioned hardness of hickory is its biggest advantage. With an astounding Janka hardness rating of 1820, you can rest assured in hickory’s durability and resilience. Hickory’s sturdiness gives it a low moisture absorption rate, which makes it one of the most water resistant hardwoods. The robust nature of hickory protects it better from scratching compared to other hardwoods. These aspects make it a fantastic hardwood choice for high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen and entryways.

Hickory is notable for its intricate grain style and fluctuating coloration from tan to medium-brown tones. Hickory looks great unfinished, but it also accepts stain well and can be modified to match or accentuate other features in your home. Since hickory can swell and shrink when exposed to humidity or oscillating temperatures, we recommend opting for engineered hickory flooring if that is a concern for your home.

Things to Keep in Mindhickory hardwood Central Westchester

We must note that hickory’s rustic and at times inconsistent look does not appeal to every homeowner. Those seeking a more neutral or uniform hardwood should consider oak, maple, or cherry. However, if you are looking to have your hardwood flooring be the centerpiece of your room or home, hickory is the perfect choice for you.

Hickory’s price is comparable to other popular hardwoods like maple and oak. We partner with popular manufacturers here at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester so we can offer you the best hardwood flooring products at competitive rates.

If you are interested in installing hickory hardwood flooring in your Westchester County home, call our friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester today! We offer complimentary consultations and a visit from our mobile showroom to homeowners in Mamaroneck, Rye, and Larchmont and beyond.

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