Many homeowners looking to have hardwood flooring installed in their Central Westchester home are wary of the time it may take for the project to be completed. With prefinished hardwood, you can greatly shorten the timeline of your installation, as well as gain a number of other benefits. Here are three benefits of prefinished hardwood provided by your local Floor Coverings International Central Westchester!

Shorter Installation Time

One of the greatest benefits of installing prefinished hardwood in your home is that it requires a much shorter installation time. Because the wood is coming to your home already sanded, finished, and ready to go, your installers can simply lock it into place. Prefinished hardwood is a great option for homeowners with busy schedules or families, who might not otherwise be able to allow for the time required to install site-finished hardwood.

prefinished hardwood flooring in central westchester

Fewer Chemicals and Dust

Since prefinished hardwood is finished offsite, it means that there will be fewer chemicals and dust floating around your house. In addition to reducing the amount of time you need to be away from your home, the lack of dust and fumes will also keep your air cleaner post-installation. This is a particularly great option if you are an allergy sufferer.

Improved Durability

Because prefinished hardwood is finished in a factory, it is actually able to have a stronger, more durable finish applied to its surface. The industrial strength of a factory-finished wood flooring means it will be better protected against denting and scratching. It will also tend to be more resistant to moisture and staining, making it easier and cheaper to care for in the long run.

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