Carpet is cozy, comfortable, and practical – but style mistakes of the past have left it with a reputation for being second to hardwood in visual appeal. However, with a few modernizing twists, carpeting can be just as stylish and attractive as any hardwood flooring. Floor Coverings International Central Westchester has compiled our favorite ideas for modern, stylish carpeting.

Gray Carpeting

Instead of beige, opt for a cool, neutral gray. This carpet color provides a sleek and simple look, complimenting any decor and brightening any room. For modern neutral carpeting, gray is the way to go.

gray carpeting

Patterned Carpets

Patterned carpets can be hit-or-miss. For some, these carpets are the epitome of outdated. However, patterned carpets can be a visually appealing, interesting, and bold choice when done right. Opt for patterns that don’t incorporate clashing colors or ultra-busy patterns. Monochrome, two-color, or low-contrast patterns work well. Geometric patterns are very modern and won’t be too busy for your floors.

patterned carpeting

Frieze Carpeting

Frieze is one of the most popular carpeting styles right now – and with good reason. These distinct carpets are durable, comfortable, and fun. Frieze carpets have longer yarn with a very high twist. This provides a soft surface that’s ultra-comfortable and visually distinct. The highly twisted yarn of frieze carpeting is what gives it excellent durability.

frieze carpeting

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles aren’t just a questionable flooring for office spaces. With incredible versatility in color, style, texture, and pattern, carpet tiles can be used to add a unique and modern look to your floors. They can be used to create intriguing geometric patterns, or pretty much anything else you can dream of.

carpet tiles

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