Floating floors are defined not by the materials that compose them, but the process by which they are installed. They don’t literally float in the air, but in our opinion here at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester, the special installation process for floating floors makes them simple, effective, and more budget-friendly than some traditional floor installations. Today we invite Port Chester homeowners to check out our guide to this modern floor installation technique!

central westchester floating floor

The Floating Process

Using interlocking edges, floor materials are snapped together above the substrate layer. Traditional flooring is attached to the substrate, but the “tongue-and-groove” process of floating floor installation happens just a little above all that. It is a quicker process than traditional floor installation, meaning you spend less time waiting and more time using your new floors.

Traditional floors may change size and shape with the introduction of higher or lower humidity. This can cause issues like warping or damaging due to the floor’s attachment to the substrate. With floating floors, there is more room to contract or expand with the humidity, preventing warping and damage of that nature. Floating floors are installed with about a quarter-inch gap between floor and walls.

What Floats?

The best flooring materials for floating are ones that are engineered, such as luxury vinyl and laminate. Cement, hardwood, ceramic, and porcelain cannot be floated. Laminate and vinyl are two excellent options for homeowners in search of hardwood look and a floating floor. With laminate and vinyl, hardwood can be convincingly imitated with a photo-realistic print layer beneath the top protective layer of the floor.  

central westchester floating floor

Floating Floor Security

Homeowners might wonder whether their floating floor could shift and move beneath them, since it is not attached to the substrate. But even in the case of the lightest floating floors, the flooring material will usually weigh a sum total of several hundred pounds. Floating floors are stable, reliable, and firmly attached to the homes they inhabit. They look and feel exactly like traditional flooring.

What About Your Floors?

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