Natural Stone Tile MamaroneckTile is a commonly used building material found throughout homes and commercial spaces. However, the porcelain or ceramic tile that covers the floor of local stores or lines your own shower is significantly different from natural stone tile. Here at Floor Coverings International Central Westchester we have a large selection of natural stone tile that could make for a beautiful addition to your Mamaroneck home. Below are the natural stone basics you’ll want to know before investing in this timeless building material.

What Makes Natural Stone Tile Different?

Ceramic and porcelain tile goes through a manufacturing process to reach its final state. Ceramic starts as clay and is cooked in hot temperatures to become tile. Porcelain is mixed, shaped, and dried. Unlike these commonly used tiles, natural stone is quarried from the earth in slabs and is cut down from its original form into the appropriate shapes and sizes. Aside from the occasional application of sealant and polish, natural stone is manufactured to a very limited extent.

Popular Types of Natural Stone Tile

Some of the most commonly used types of natural stone include marble, slate, travertine, and granite. These stones are incredibly tough and long lasting. Travertine, for example, served as the building material for the Coliseum of Rome, which still stands today. Michelangelo’s statue of David was carved from marble and serves as another example of stone’s longevity. It’s no wonder that stone, which has been used in art and architecture for centuries, has found a permanent place in the modern household.

Natural Stone Considerations

The properties of a stone tile floor vary depending on the type of stone used. While all types of stone have a long lifespan, some are prone to staining and scratching. Marble and travertine, for example, are naturally very porous. They must be professionally sealed to prevent damage from and other liquids. Prolonged contact with acidic liquids like vinegar or citrus juice can stain these tiles, as the stone’s minerals react negatively with acidic substances. Porous stone tiles are also susceptible to scratching, but damage can be avoided with the proper care.

Granite and slate are extremely durable and will be more resistant against acid, water, and scratching. While these types of stone still require careful maintenance, especially during installation, they are a better choice in rooms exposed to heavy foot traffic or where spills are more likely to occur.

Cost and Resale Value

One thing to keep in mind about stone tile flooring is its cost. This type of tile is generally expensive to buy and difficult to install, as each tile can be exceptionally heavy. Some types of natural stone tile will need to be resealed annually to keep them in tip-top shape, which could add to their cost. However, these tiles are considered incredibly valuable and will increase the resale value of your home. With the proper care, they will last a lifetime, so you won’t have to worry about paying to replace them.

Get Started Today

Natural stone tile has a lot to offer and could be the solution you needed in your Mamaroneck home. Call Floor Coverings International Central Westchester today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our natural stone tile flooring. We proudly serve Mamaroneck, Rye, and Larchmont and surrounding areas.


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