A great way to customize your home is to have a backsplash installed in your kitchen. With so many materials and colors available, your backsplash can be unique to you and your home’s specific style. Come learn about four kitchen backsplash patterns, and then take a look at one of Floor Coverings International Central Westchester‘s recent kitchen backsplash installations to see an example of our work!

4 Kitchen Backsplash Patterns Floor Coverings International Central Westchester


A checkered backsplash is a pattern that has always been at home in the kitchen. Both bold and dramatic, this style arranges tiles in an alternating pattern with at least two different colors. While this style is usually done in black and white, there are many other colors you could choose to combine in this style to tailor it to your space.


The stacked backsplash pattern is a great, understated design choice for homeowners that want to create a neat backdrop for their kitchen. This style is popular in modern homes, where the straight lines add to the overall streamlined aesthetic of the house. While often done in a single color, this design can be jazzed up with the integration of different colored tiles.

4 Kitchen Backsplash Patterns Floor Coverings International Central Westchester


Herringbone, often confused with chevron, is a pattern that takes rectangular tiles and fits them together to form a zigzag pattern. This design is extremely sophisticated and looks great as a backsplash and as a flooring option. Whereas a chevron pattern lines up the tiles exactly to create well-formed “V”s, the herringbone pattern helps to create visual interest by continually leading the eye along the staggered lines of the tiles.

4 Kitchen Backsplash Patterns Floor Coverings International Central Westchester

Subway Tile

Subway tile is a classic way to design your kitchen backsplash. With origins dating back over a century, subway tile has come a long way from the walls of the New York City subway system. This beautiful tile is available in a number of colors and sizes so you can customize this timeless look to match your own personal taste.

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